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About DDTank Origin

DDTank Origin is remodified by the original top-rated and renowned game developer, 7 Road, based on the classic 13-year gameplay of the web version of DDTank.
With the current mobile version, the game has been enhanced and optimized in all aspects to fit the mobile gaming experience. Not only adapting colorful and cute 2D graphics, it’s also featured with a series of new gameplays and protocols such as real-time competitions, PK battles as well as various categories of group instances.

The mobile gameplay version mainly emphasizes personal judgment on a ballistic physical trajectory, teamwork, and the display of eye-catching fashion Day by Day. The brisk combat rhythm and the lively screen creates a friendly, casual, and competitive environment to users that is highly social-friendly bringing a new level of personalized gaming experience.

How to top up DDTank Origin Chicken Coin?

  1. Select the Chicken Coin denomination you need.
  2. Enter your details:
    –Role ID
    –Character Name
  3. Once payment made, please contact customer care via whatsApp or wechat.

How to find DDTank Role ID?

  1. Login your DDTank account.
  2. Click the SETTING button on the Main Lobby.
  3. Role ID will be displayed on the ACCOUNT

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DDtank Origin Chicken Coin

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