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About CiBmall Mohun

CiBmall MoHun Online is a Brand New MMORPG Published by CiBmall based on the classic legendary online game “MoSiang”!

MoHun Online is a martial-arts themed fantasy PVP Game. Allowing players to choose a character and select from six fighting styles.

How to buy Cash Items?

  1. Select the Gold Coin denomination and quantity.
  2. Enter your Character Name
  3. Check out and select your payment method.
  4. Contact customer care once payment made.
  5. Meet up at Pet Timer – Mu Hua and trade the gold coin

Additional information

CiBmall Mohun YB

100,000YB元宝, 中介装备或材料服务/Middleman Game Item Service, 中介账号服务/Middleman Game Account Service, 白色情人节礼物箱II 10, 白色情人节礼物箱II 100, 1,000YB元宝, 3,000YB元宝, 5,000YB元宝, 10,000YB元宝, 20,000YB元宝, 50,000YB元宝


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